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Standing out in today’s job market can be tough, especially when you’re competing with candidates who are equally as qualified and ambitious as you are. One way to let employers know you’re the one they need to be hiring is by editing your CV to include buzz words that hirers look out for when they’re searching for candidates.  

There are two types of skills you can list on your CV: hard skills are the kind you may have picked up from a professional qualification like your degree, such as knowledge of software or data analytics skills. Soft skills are ones that deal with your interpersonal qualities and include things like enthusiasm or open communication.

Skills employers are looking for across industries  

Despite them varying slightly depending on the kind of position and the industry you may be applying for, there are some skills that most hirers are quick to search for and notice. These include time management, critical thinking, drive, social skills, and flexibility.  

When applying for positions, it’s essential to remember that you need to be able to substantiate what you’re claiming. Instead of simply stating you have a drive, think of an instance in a past job or at university you’ve demonstrated this attribute, and you’re far more likely to get an offer or interview.  

Figuring out what to put on your CV  

If you’re wondering how to improve your CV, here are a couple of qualities you may choose to list, grouped according to the type of skill they represent:  

  1. If you want to indicate an effectiveness in communication – Stating you’re a good listener, are able to communicate with clarity and concision, or that past experience has allowed you to have advanced verbal communication skills can all work to highlight your talent. 
  2. If you want to show off your organisational talents – You may want to call to attention these talents by stating you are a good decision maker, a natural planner, an effective delegator, or even experienced in time management. 
  3. If you’re looking to prove your leadership ability – Stating you’re naturally proactive, flexible, committed and are able to create and take constructive feedback will all help. 

Tailoring your skills to your specific talents will go a long way towards capturing a prospective hirer’s attention. Bring attention to your skills by placing them close to the beginning of your CV, rather than leaving them at the end. Including these key skills will ensure you’re getting your foot in the door of an interview – you’ll be signing your contract to start before you know it. 



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