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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as writing a detailed report for work in the comfort of your pyjamas, but working at home can be a double-edged sword. This is mainly because distractions are far easier to succumb to when you don’t have your manager glancing over your shoulder every now and then – one episode on Netflix can’t hurt anybody, right? 

Time has a way of slipping through our fingers though, and once you begin procrastinating, it can snowball, and quick. Here are our top tip for making sure you stay on track if you’re working from home, so you can enjoy those sweatpants without any guilt:

1. Create a schedule, and stick to it

Even if you are working for home, try to stick closely to the schedule you tend to follow at work. Once your brain’s used to a kind of routine, it’s easier for it to follow then trying to break from that- so if you’re used to eating or taking a break at a certain time, let yourself.  

2. Work in short sprints at a time

The effectiveness of the Pomodoro technique has been long proven, and if you’re the type of person who gets distracted easily, this is the best way for you to get things done while still getting that quick fix from Instagram or Youtube.  

You know yourself best though, so if you’re aware things can spiral if you’re heading to social media, consider taking a break someway else, either by listening to music or going for a quick walk.  

3. Put your phone away when you’re working

Notifications are the single most distracting thing about your devices, and they’re inescapable unless you maintain a physical distance between yourself and your phone. Switch off your phone if you’re feeling like the constant buzzing is taking away from your ability do work efficiently.  

4. Stay in touch with the office

Keeping your lines open via email or sending updates to your manager will help put you on track for getting work done, and it’ll also keep you accountable to making sure you complete what you’ve started.  

5. Allocate a space in the house for work

We’re hardwired to be creatures of habit, and if you’re hoping to get any work done while you’re still on the bed, you’ll be mistaken. Allocating special spaces for work will mean your brain knows when to switch off relaxation mode, allowing you to get things done quicker. 

 This also applies to clothes (we know, we know, we promised): if you think you may actually be in a better headspace to work if you aren’t wearing your pjs, it is well worth trying to wear clothes that’ll prime you to be more productive as well.  

6. Tell your housemates you’ll be busy

If you share a space with your spouse, family, or housemates, let them know you’ll be needing a few hours to be able to work without any distractions. The smallest of interruptions can derail your flow, so alerting them you’ll need to be alone for a little while can prevent this from happening, and allow you to get what is necessary done.



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