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As a marketer, the term ‘Growth Hacking’ is nothing new…and really, it’s just a buzzword for a method that has been used for decades. But, when Growth Hacker Marketing – A primer on the future of PR, Marketing and Advertising by Ryan Holiday landed on my desk, I was pretty keen to get reading.

Holiday has a cult following both inside and outside of the marketing world and has advised clients like American Apparel and Google, as well as being responsible for some pretty epic PR stunts. While short, the book certainly packs a punch and manages to deal with a seemingly complex topic in an accessible way for everyone, regardless of whether or not you’re a marketer.

Building a Team of Growth Hackers

It became apparent pretty quickly that growth hacking isn’t just for marketing teams, but for everyone involved in the development, optimisation and strategic decisions surrounding a product or business. If you need a soft introduction to growth marketing for novices, which has plenty of takeaway resources as well as a glossary of marketing terms – then this is definitely a book that should be passed around the office.

How to Growth Hack your Career 

Holiday’s use cases largely referred to companies within the B2C environment, and it was only when I started thinking about how these could translate into strategies for LEAP’s B2B clients that I realised so much of this content was also relevant for job seekers.

Key themes in ‘Growth Hacker Marketing’:

  • Making the ‘product’ (i.e. your CV, online profiles and portfolios) as good as they possibly can be
  • Getting said ‘product’ in front of the right people, at the right time

There are employers who will consider your skills and experience a must-have for their business, making your ‘product’ the perfect fit for that particular market. BUT…this doesn’t mean you should rest easy, and here’s where the growth part comes in. Even if you’re not looking for a new job opportunity, if you’ve found a company that champions your skills and is the right fit in terms of culture – you need to keep on growing.

“Growth is never done.” Morgan Brown (use as quote format in HTML editor)

This means continued development, which you might need to take charge of to ensure an upwards trajectory for your career. And, if you are looking for a job, here’s how to growth hack your way into the inboxes of employers…

  • Don’t apply for irrelevant roles; it’s like being bombarded with ads for hair loss treatments when you’ve got a bountiful ‘fro…annoying right?
  • Find companies where your values and beliefs are aligned, you’ll grow quicker and go further in an environment you feel part of.
  • Use your contacts – know people who can help you and already think you’re pretty awesome? Get them on board with suggestions, introductions and networking.
  • Appeal to your employer: build and leverage that personal brand, make your CV top-notch so you’ll be seen by hiring managers and tell your story – why exactly are you right for this role?

Need some assistance? 

Grab a free CV review courtesy of Top CV – they’re keen to help our LEAP candidates! And, we’ve got a whole load of resources on our blog to help you along the way from personal branding tips to interview advice…get browsing!



At LEAP, we all share one core value: Everyone has the right to succeed in life. Our goal? To open new doors and pave fresh paths forward for those seeking professional development, personal life skills, and self-growth opportunities. Our vast collection of expert advice, educational materials, and how-to articles is always free to everyone—no strings attached, no small print. By offering an innovative way for our visitors learn, grow, get hired, and develop critically important life skills, we’re educating them on their terms, not ours. They can grow their subject matter expertise, at their own pace, without spending tons of money on mediocre online courses. When our users succeed, we succeed. If they don’t, we fail. That’s why it’s so important to us to help build their personal roadmap to success and prepare them to conquer the world!

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