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The advent of social media has turned out to be both a blessing and a curse- while there are more ways to distract ourselves from work, there are also endless ways in which businesses can now get people’s attention and show off their unique perspective.  

While most platforms are being used in one way or the other for brand image or recruitment, social media still gets relatively less utilized for finding talented candidates. Companies are far more likely to use the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn than something less formal to find their next recruits.  

We’re here to make the case Instagram – an app that has 800 million daily users, most of whom spend over half an hour on the site, might be the next best place to start looking. There are a couple of ways to increase your audience and engagement on the platform – here are just a couple of our favourites. 

Reflect on your brand image and curate your space accordingly

Brand values differ from organisation to organisation, so think about what you want your social media presence to say to your followers before deciding you’re going to post exclusively ‘viral’ content. 

 The next portion is a little bit of a trial and error: if you want your account to reflect a sense of humour but want to remain professional, it may be wise to stay clear of posting memes or grainy images. Instead, work on content and try to reflect your attitude in your captions.  

Boost your visibility with hashtags and engagement  

One of the quickest ways to grow on Instagram is to have a business account (a feature that is free and fairly simple to do), and then engage with accounts who have similar target audiences to yourself. Your content is likely to begin popping up on the feeds of these audiences, who will then be lead to explore your page and any job advertisements you have on there. 

In the beginning, numbers and engagement are equally important when it comes to social media. Remember that a picture with a lot of likes from fake accounts may not be of as much value to you as one that has fewer likes from people within your industry and interested in opportunities you may have on offer. Strategically using hashtags and tagging people or locations so that you’re searchable on the platform can also do a lot in widening your audience.  

Sponsor your posts

The initial investment that is required to sponsor posts on Instagram can turn out to be pretty rewarding in the long run, allowing you to target people from a specific location or demographic.  Keep in mind just because you’re able to do so doesn’t grant you permission to neglect other aspects of your account – when a user clicks through to your account, you’ll need to have content that is engaging and unique enough for them to wish to follow you, so make sure you’re still prioritising curating your space. 

Finally, as you’re posting job ads on the site, make sure you’re being careful about the kind of language and information you’re giving out, and ensure you’re quick to respond to user’s questions (if one person’s wondering it, chances are there are others too) – you’ll be receiving applications in no time.



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