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Going from late nights bingeing on Netflix’s latest true crime documentary to waking up at 6óclock every day on the dot to beat morning traffic takes it out of the best of us. Making the transition from being a student to an employee can be a difficult adjustment to get used to, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a couple of our favourite tips and tricks to making sure you’re not breaking any alarm clocks any time soon: 

1. Adopt (just a couple) of healthy habits

The earlier you get used to structuring your days around a kind of routine, the easier it’ll be when you have no choice but to do exactly that. Having a schedule doesn’t have to be boring: the trick is to make sure you’re doing things you genuinely enjoy – whether that’s waking up a little earlier for a run or some yoga, or putting your phone away to get reading done before you to go to bed.  

2. Don’t get demotivated if you get a few rejections

The job search can be a grueling process. It’s easy to feel demoralized if you haven’t heard a ‘yes’ in a while. Remember there are always ways to improve and adapt, so reflect on your process, and change what isn’t working accordingly. This may be anything from opening up your search to different platforms (do you have an account on LEAP yet?) to reflecting on alternate industries.  

3. Prioritise networking and mentorships 

There are many differences between being a student and working in an office. For example, if you dislike a classmate, you can just choose to avoid them. This is not the case with offices: you’ll need to learn how to work with people who you may not get along with, and ensuring you make lasting connections with people whose careers might interest you.

Though this may be difficult initially, it is well worth the initial struggle. It widens your networks and teaches you how to get along with a diverse range of people. 

4. Invest in a snazzy wardrobe 

A great way to incentivize going to work is by making sure you have a wardrobe that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Presentation is incredibly important when you’re an employee. Many people feel like good office-wear means overly starched shirts with collar buttons that cut off air circulation. This simply isn’t the case. Take some time to shop for clothes that make you feel your best, and you’ll be able to work as well as you can too. 

5. Don’t spend forever looking for the ‘perfect’ job 

We all want a job that has flexible hours and paid leave. We’d all love a manager that’s simultaneously funny and intelligent. It would be great to have co-workers we eventually become best friends with. Though this may be the ideal situation, reality tends to look a little different – and that’s okay. If you’re able to engage creatively with your work, and find your skills being put to use effectively, be amenable to making a couple of compromises. The big secret? There’s no such thing as a perfect job, so pretty good is great.  With sos many job placement agencies out there, you’ll be in your ideal job in no time.



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