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Having trouble setting yourself apart in a saturated market? You aren’t alone – everyday, a new wave of people join the workforce and the need to be distinctive becomes increasingly pressing. But doing this is easier than it seems – here are a few ways to make your resume shine and stand out amongst other candidates.

Learn a Language

Taking up a language course is a good way to impress prospective employer. Multilingual employees can communicate with clients abroad, or aid in translation, which provides a real asset to the company. Research by The Confederation of British Industry recently found that 74% of employers recruit people who with conversational ability in another language. You don’t have to be perfectly fluent, but your initiative and drive will impress your future boss.

Take up a New Skill

If you want to go into a creative field, a great way to set yourself apart is familiarising yourself with the digital tools that are being used in the modern workplace. Whether you need to take a class in coding, or learn basic graphic design, employers will be far more likely to hire if they know you can mock up a quick graphic in an emergency, or fix a bug on their website if needed. You don’t need to be Steve Jobs, but an indication that you understand where your field is moving towards can really work in your favour.

Pursue your Passions

Statistics reported by the Guardian show that there are up to 48 applications for any given graduate job vacancy. Recruiting managers therefore end up with 50-odd similar looking CVs, none of which are a good indicator of the candidate personality.

A great way to inject some of your own voice into your CV is by indicating you are proactive about your passions – for example, if you enjoy writing, consider starting a blog. Employers will appreciate seeing your personality through all the text, and it’ll show motivation that reflects well on your potential performance as an employee.

An even better way to inject some personality into your application is to use an interactive profile – signing up for a LEAP account allows you to integrate multimedia elements including videos, creative descriptions and images.

Keep Researching

Reading up on the issues being debated in your field and the skills needed from the next generation of employees is an essential component in keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to getting hired.

There’s no such thing as being over prepared – all it takes is a quick search online to find a treasure trove of resources that’ll help you do anything from improving your CV to acing your interview. Its’ also a good idea to shortlist a few select blogs that seem like they will be useful in gaining such knowledge, so you can keep on top of news that will be useful for you.



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