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Betty, Bob, Burt or simply Bae whatever you called your car you have decided it’s time for you to both move on. 

Once you have got over the emotions of saying goodbye to that “rust bucket” that got you home safely with your first child or managed to somehow get half of the Ikea store home. 

It’s time to find them a great new home and you the best possible price. 

Here are 5 tips on how to get the best possible price: 

1. Sell your car direct 

Selling to trade or to a garage should only be done when you need a quick sale. They don’t buy your car for emotional reasons they buy it because they are a business and need to make a profit. 

That profit comes from the 20-40% they took off the value to you.  Even stopping at this point you just made 20% extra. 

2. Keep it Clean & Fix Any Problems

A car parked in front of a rock

If you don’t have the time or just don’t want to .. we get it not a fun job. 

Book a local car cleaning inside. The buyer finding a 6 year old McDonald’s chip that slipped down the side of your seat will have them questioning not only how have they not seen that but also do you as the seller really take good care of the car? 

Make sure you get any minor obvious problems fixed!

3. Advertise the car 

Time to get your creative head on! 

You want to look at sites like AutoTrader and other listings sites to get interest in Betty* sorry I mean your car. Even look at local Supermarkets or even the car’s windshield to grab potential buyers’ attention. 

Write an enthusiastic advert that describes the car and also builds trust with the potential buyer. Using words if true of course like “Incredibly reliable” or “head turner” (for those of you looking to buy a sporty little number) will help the sale. 

4. Set the Price and negotiate face to face 

Check the market rate for your car and set a price 10% higher than what you would accept as negotiations are coming. 

When negotiating make reductions in smaller amounts to create a win-win situation for both the buyer who got a deal and paid less than your asking price and you who got the asking price you were looking for. 

5. Reassure and Build trust 

Show potential buyers all available records of the cars history and fixes you have completed. Show you have cared for the car and If you have just bought new tyres or the car comes with a glass shattering new stereo highlight that to the buyer. 

Follow the above and only one more thing left to do ……….

*Goodbye Betty Goodbye ………Thank you for the memories 

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