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2020 has been quite the experience so far right? With job markets so unstable and the future unclear it is hard to believe that people may have at one time been in the position to reject a job offer. Having said that some of the old rules still apply. If the opportunity isn’t right for you then there are sometimes grounds for having to reject an offer and we have collected a few top tips for if you ever find yourself in this very position. 

1. Be gracious

This should kind of go without saying but still, lets cover the obvious. Ensure that you are gracious with your rejection. Nobody likes the feeling that goes with being rebuffed and that’s the same for hiring managers and companies.

 Keep in mind that they have their desires out of this hiring process too and have invested valuable time and resources into getting to the point of making you an offer. 

They may have even invested time and resources into the idea of having you onboard. Anything less than a grateful and gracious approach could come across as arrogant and unnecessary. 

2. Keep it professional

This is after all the professional arena, so don’t forget your etiquette. Let the hiring manager know that you have weighed up the offer for all parties and for reasons you feel can be addressed at this time this wouldn’t be the right fit. 

This shouldn’t be taken as an opportunity to bad mouth or complain, more simply a time to confirm your decision. Which leads us to our next point…

3. Leave the door open

More often than not it is actually a harder decision to reject a job offer than to accept it. It is usually the case that something about the offer is just not quite right at the time and so always voice reasons where relevant or professional to do so.

And make it clear that a move to the company in the future is certainly something that you would like to be able to consider in the future. 

4. Make a call

We don’t mean make a decision; we mean literally make a call. Yes, it’s awkward and uncomfortable but a phone call over an email every single time will go down better and be deemed more professional. 

Doing this shows courage, integrity and professionalism. You would rather speak directly with the person offering you this opportunity instead of hiding behind the ease of an email. And they will notice. 

5. Give feedback to your recruiter

This is one that is often overlooked. If your opportunity came to you via the services of a recruiter, keep them in the loop. 

Your recruiter has an existing relationship with your would-be employer and can act as a liaison should there be any misunderstandings or sticking points in your offer. If you still decide to reject, remember that your recruiter has worked extremely hard to secure you the opportunity and will continue to support your job search if you give them feedback.



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