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Let’s face it. We all like the feel-good factor of knowing that we have done a good job, especially if we are consistently going above and beyond the standard call of duty at work. It is important to acknowledge that receiving the right level of recognition does not come in a one size fits all approach.

Recognition means different things to different people and the absence or presence of recognition can have a direct impact on motivation levels. Understanding this in the workplace in order to give and get our best performance is key. 

How do I like to be recognised? 

For some people getting recognition comes in the form of a bonus or a raise, for others a nice surprise gift may work, a handwritten note, being taken to lunch, having an event hosted in your honour, a public acknowledgement at a team meeting, a private acknowledgement in performance reviews, a promotion, flexible work arrangements, some extra time off and the list can go on. 

If you are not satisfied with the level of recognition you are getting, you may need to ask yourself, what would the ideal recognition be for me? What would make me feel appreciated? And polish your ability to be assertive enough to let people know of our preferences and ask for what we need. 

Be the guru of positive feedback yourself 

At the same time, asking for what you need may not go far unless you walk the talk of being a recogniser yourself. Go out of your way to notice the good in others. Recognise and reward the people around you for the extra mile they go or the small things they do that may go unnoticed. Catching people in the art of doing things right will set you up to also be on the receiving end of this. Basically, you get back what you put out there. 

Sometimes, scaling up the ratio of positive to negative feedback can be all that is required to feel more recognised and valued in your role.  With a recommended 5 times more positive feedback to negative feedback required for people to feel valued. Consider, what is your ratio for those around you and how could this be impacting what you receive back? 

Get your cheerleaders in place 

It is tough to go it alone, a support team is essential for help along the way.  Useful resources and relationships can be put into play to help you be seen and keep putting your best foot forward. A mentor or a series of mentors can be a helpful partner to guide you through your career as an opportunity to learn from others that have walked the path before you. Sharing their advice and listening to your challenges to help keep you focused on getting what you deserve. 

A coach can help support you by asking powerful questions to help you access deeper levels of thinking which could be holding you back from getting the recognition you deserve, helping unlock a positive mindset and a more powerful you. A sponsor can be your advocate when you are not in the room. Someone that sings your praises, opens doors and puts you forward for the right roles and projects that you may not have been able to access for yourself. 

Add your unique value and stir 

Understand more about strengths and play to them, the more you align your work to your strengths the more you will stand out from the crowd and bring forward your unique value, making it almost impossible not to be recognised. 

Ask openly for advice from those you admire that always seem to get the recognition that you aspire to. Ask them what are the 1-2 things I can do to help me get more recognition, consider this advice together with your preference of what type of recognition you are looking for. 

With all of this in play, if you are still not getting the recognition you deserve, it may be time to consider if you are in the right workplace or even in the right work and perhaps it is time to find a new gig where the organisational culture is more appreciative of talent like you or go out there and build your own.



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