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When Covid hit and lockdown happened we all had the best intentions to use this as an opportunity to get fit’. 

Unfortunately, as the stresses of a new world of work, Netflix and that cupboard full of food in case of the worlds end, many of us saw the scales creep up rather that down. 

No doubt like us you are now being bombarded with Instagram ads offering online personal trainers, fitness programs and even that one friend who has recently stopped selling make up online to offer classes on how to get rid of that stubborn muffin top in 14 days. 

Choosing a personal trainer should be like choosing your dentist. You want someone who is professional, understands your pain threshold and will try to make a painful situation bearable.

Here are 7 tips on how to choose the right personal trainer for you ; 

1. Check your personal trainer is qualified 

Check they have the relevant training and safety qualifications to be able to train and guide you. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential personal trainer what certificates they have any good personal Trainer would be proud of their qualifications and would love to discuss them with you. 

2. Have they got real results with previous clients?

Getting to your fitness goals is not an easy job it takes hard work and effort. Check your Personal trainers results and look for real results, you don’t want to see how Sandra lost 300lbs in 30 days. Look for real long term results. 

3. Are they experienced in the area you need the help 

Personal trainers whilst have often become experts in one or two areas. Find a coach who specilaises in what you are looking to achieve so if its weight loss, yoga or building muscle find a coach who knows this area like the back of their hand. 

3. Try them out 

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Like a good pair of trainers, it can often take trying on a few pairs before you find that perfect match. Try working with your personal trainer over one to three trial sessions to really make sure they are a great fit for you and those sparkly new trainers you just got. 

5. Check it is their only job 

The fitness industry is a serious one. The wrong movement or advice from a coach can result in serious injuries. You want a Personal Trainer who lives and breathes fitness and Personal Training and spends 12 hours a day coaching and learning. 

6. Can they help outside of the gym

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Your fitness goals aren’t restrained to your one hour training session with your Personal Trainer. Look for a Personal Trainer who can help you on all aspects of your fitness goals from food , recovery and very importantly how to remain motivated outside of sessions. 

7. Do they look after themselves?

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This one is simple you wouldn’t go to a dentist with bad teeth so make sure you work with a personal trainer who follows what they teach. 



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