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First of all, we’ve all been there. Even the most adventurous, vagabond travellers who love being away from home, actually miss home from time to time. If you feel home sick, don’t be embarrassed or suppress your emotions. Let them out. You’ve been taken out of the confort bubble you’ve always known–it’s only normal to feel homesick.

So don’t beat yourself up about it or let it get you down. Embrace your home sickness, own it, and enjoy it! (Yes I heard it; enjoy it!)

The very fact that you are homesick at all means that you have something pretty awesome going on at home. That’s a massive positive and certainly not something be down about. 

Having said that, homesickness can hit you with a sense of melancholic ennui that will stop you finding the positive so here are a few little tips to help you through. 

1. Touch base virtually

If there is one thing 2020 has taught us, it is that none of us have any excuse for not keeping in touch. When the option to see people in person is out of the question then we find a way. Technology has given us multiple platforms, tools and resources and we can access them as easy as pressing a button. Apps like ZOOM, Houseparty, FaceTime are game changers. Plus, don’t forget about good old phone calls.  Instant cure!

Normally, homesickness is not actually a case of missing the normal, comforting, familiar environment at home. It is, in fact, missing the contact with your family that you’ve become so accustomed to your entire life. It’s missing their support, the sound of their laughter, and, even, the petty arguments with them.

What can you do about it? Call your mum! She gets it, and she wants to hear from you even more than you want to talk to her, trust me. What could be more familiar, normal and comforting, than mum? 

2. Join groups and socialise

There are other people feeling this way you know. There are also other people from your hometown, who know your family or who went to your school. Find them. Find your local kin. Alumni groups, social media, old friends or ex colleagues are all links to home. 

Even social media groups for your home town businesses, clubs or even towns feed us a happy reminder of home. Join in, share, like, stay connected to home. 

3. Cook Mum’s favourite family meal

Comfort yourself, and yes we know, it’s never the same as when mum makes it but the point is now its your turn. Mums spaghetti Bolognese was a family favourite for a reason, so get the water boiling and crack open the Dolmio, this isn’t about nutrition or your latest diet, this is medicine for your home sickness. 

Be a part of home by bringing it to you, ask mum for the recipe, do your best and enjoy! And if you fail down hard, call your mum and ask for help. She’ll pick you back up like she always has since the first time she held you.

4. Get all up into that nostalgia

Homesickness is often a feeling of missing out or the loss of what once was. So embrace this feeling and feed your nostalgia. Look through old pictures and watch your old childhood films. Listen to some classics tunes from when you were growing up and  turn the volume up to MAX.

Put on that old t-shirt you wore in high school and bust out the old routine. This all connects you to home on the same familial, nostalgic, emotional level that led you to feel homesick in the first place. Remember, don’t fight your homesickness, embrace it and find a way to enjoy it. If you can’t beat it, you’d better join it. 

5. Plan for the future

Remind yourself of why you are not at home right now. You have made a decision to improve yourself and your future opportunities. You have committed to your education, you are taking a proactive approach to your future. 

Home is a feeling, not a physical place. It encompasses  the people, the memories, and the experiences you had there and they don’t go away. They support you, prepare you and go with you on this journey. They’re there with you in spirit, so you ARE home.



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