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As you’re watching your company evolve from a start-up to a bigger business, you may find yourself facing issues with employees who were initially hired for one purpose and are struggling to cope with the change. This is natural: as a business grows, its needs can change, and your employees need to reflect that.  

Investing the proper time and energy into making sure your employees are growing alongside your company can help in building a talent pipeline. It also ensures you’re empowering a team of talented individuals who are well-versed with the unique needs and goals of your organisation.

Recalibrating your culture fit  

According to one report by Jobvite, 60% of recruiters prioritise cultural fit when carrying out hiring. Having an employee who syncs well with your wider team and company culture is essential to maintaining high levels of productivity. So how exactly do you ensure you’re bringing someone who’s a suitable cultural fit on board?  

Have personal development meetings, and think about implementing personality tests 

This ensures you’re aware of how your employee is developing alongside the company and will help you be clearer about their intentions and flexibility. While relying too much on personality tests can become deterministic, they’re also a great way to learn about a person’s motivations, and whether they make a good match for your organisation.  

Think about the demands of the period, then the company 

Sometimes, you can come across a candidate who’s a good hire for the company, but doesn’t really serve a wider purpose for your needs at the moment. Someone extremely skilled in Sales who understands the ins and outs of your team may be useful, but if you’re still in development stages, they may not have much to do and will end up a drain on resources. 

Remember that you’re looking out for potential rather than an exact match 

 A common strategy in hiring can be prioritising someone’s past job experience. This makes a lot of sense, given you want someone well versed in the possible problems that you may come across as you progress with the company. 

 This being said, an individual with a lot of experience in one area may have far more rigid ideas about what their role may involve as opposed to someone who’s coming into the industry fresh. Prioritising skill and potential for development will serve you and help with retaining employees in the long run. 



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