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Feeling tired and unmotivated at work? Wishing you could sustain the energy you feel in the morning throughout your day? Want to show your boss you’re worth that next promotion? The answer to your problems may be easier (depending on your current fitness level!) than you think. Surely, you’v heard that a healthy body and mind go hand in hand.

Experts have long found links between exercise and improved mental and physical health. More research is held about the correlation between working out and its effect on work performance. As research continues, the link between staying successful at work and having a consistent exercise routine is becoming increasingly obvious.

Exercising makes you a better leader

A healthy exercise regimen doesn’t have to be difficult, just structured. If you’re in a leadership role at work (or want to be!), then few things prepare you both physically and mentally like exercise does. The amount of discipline built up in forcing yourself to workout transfers to the workplace, where a similar need to act from willpower is often necessary.

Studies indicate an increase in creative problem solving and a reduction in anxiety in those who have a frequent workout schedule. This can come in handy not just when managing high-stress projects where out-of-the box thinking can often lead to better outcomes, but also for being more effective during speaking engagements and conferences that involve networking.

A survey by the University of Georgia asked over 1,300 executives if they found a relationship between work and weight. A full 75% answered that good fitness was “critical for career success at the executive level”. There’s more to this than merely physical strength. Leaders that are highly motivated and perceived as energetic inspire their workforce to be the same, benefitting their team and fostering a positive company culture because of this.

Getting started

You don’t have to be Usain Bolt to feel the effects of exercise. Research shows a mere half hour a day can produce all the benefits you can get from working out. Is there a gym near your workplace? Take time after work or during your break to squeeze a quick workout in.

Involving your office is also a great way to stay motivated. Think about organising corporate runs or creating a club at work dedicated to staying fit. With enough will power, you’ll be sprinting round the office like a pro in no time. And because a healthy body and mind go hand in hand, both will benefit.



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