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We’ve all faced that internal debate after an exhausting day of work – do we head to the gym and workout, or do we binge-watch the latest season of whatever’s been released on Netflix? On especially tiring weeks, the latter option almost always seems like the best choice. The science, however, states otherwise – in fact, there’s good reason to believe you should be choosing to go to the gym especially when you’re having a rough week.

Feeling a little bit like you want to throw your television remote at us right now? We get it, but hear us out – here are a couple of ways the gym actually helps you get more work done, in ways season 2 of Stranger Things may not.

1. Working out helps you produce really good work.

Trying to survive a difficult week is one thing, but producing outstanding result is what gets your boss talking about that promotion. It’s definitely easier said than done to try and think straight during a stressful week though, and that’s where working out actually helps massively.

According to a 2005 study carried out by Leeds Metropolitan University, regular exercise can actually increase your output by a whole 15%. Think of how much time that means you’ll be saving!

2. Feeling close to burning out? The gym helps.

Another thing exercise works to improve greatly is emotional stability, and we all know the ups and downs you’re bound to feel when working in a corporate environment.

Pressure from your manager about deadlines, trying to work effectively with colleagues or across different departments, all while trying to juggle your personal life can be a taxing task for the best of us. Exercise helps stabilise this, all while giving you more energy to deal with particularly draining times.

3. By increasing your energy, you’re making work easier.

Research by the University of Bristol showed that people who worked out took 25% less unscheduled breaks than those who did – this means you’ll be getting more work done, saving yourself time in the long run. Keeping fit also means you’re keeping your body and its immune system in good shape.

In another study, the Journal of Exercise Physiology have found that employees who follow a fitness program have a 22% decrease in absenteeism – less sick days mean a longer vacation, and who doesn’t want that?



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