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Your office is likely to be populated with people who manage their full-time jobs along with smaller ventures or side projects. If you’re someone who’s juggling between a full-time job and a side hustle, you’re likely wondering how to keep your head afloat while staying swimming. Have no fear: we’ve gathered some of the best advice to ensure you’re able to pull everything off without having to compromise on the quality of your performance either way.

1. Create an action plan

Goal setting is one of the most important aspects of ensuring you have a focused plan for both your 9-5 job and your side hustle. Reflect on what it is you want to achieve from both these projects: are you gunning for a promotion at work, do you have a sales target you want to hit for your side-project? Think about whether these things are mutually exclusive (that is, if they both will demand more time than is possible for you to provide), and then try and make mini targets so you know exactly what you have to be doing to achieve this.

If you need help tracking or maintain goals, there are a couple of great websites such as GoalTrack or that allows you to create and follow up on your personal action plan.

2. Build a routine

Everyone works at their most productive a little differently. While you’re obviously going to be restricted by some of the constraints your normal office working hours put on you, figure out the times you work best at, and start building a repeatable routine so you fall into the habit of working. Consistency is one of the most underrated peers of success.

Using a time-tracking tool to ensure you’re sticking to your routine can be helpful, and apps such as Toggle and Trigger can help keep you motivated to stay on track. As tempting as it may be to take an extra five minutes for that break, you’re probably better served by focusing on building productive habits.

3. Use your spare time well

One of the trickiest parts surrounding dealing with your 9-5 job along with a side-hustle is resisting the urge to decompress during a rare time. The difference between people who excel at both their side hustle and a full-time job, however, is some people know how to delegate their time efficiently.

Your spare time needs to be split up into time taken to unplug from all work and give your brain some much-needed downtime, as well as time that can be devoted to all the things you’ve missed out working on in your busy week. Maximising the potential for this time instead of letting yourself get sucked into a Netflix wormhole can make all the difference in achieving your goals, so use it wisely.



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