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In a job market that is as competitive as it is inundated, it can be hard to have your company voice cut through the crowd. The hiring process can be a time intensive and gruelling process, and prospective hires are investments – this means it doesn’t really help when a new hire is trained only to leave for another job or industry in three months.

One of the best ways to be assured your new hires are going to be in it for the long run is to make sure they’re a good culture fit, and having a unified and consistent employer brand goes a long way in making sure this is exactly the case.

The best part about doing this is that it doesn’t have to involve a costly marketing campaign or months of planning. Here are a couple of ways to maintain an excellent employer branding, even if your organisation is on a budget:

Spend some time on your social media platforms

The beauty of the internet and social media mean you no longer have to pay an exorbitant fee to have an ad run for a limited period of time on some printed platform for something to be seen. Prioritising your content on social media can go a long way in communicating your employer brand and building a steady following: all you need is a little time and some knowledge of graphic design to get going.

Empower your employees to become spokespersons

The people who can vouch for your organization best are the people who work for it: your employees. The power of referrals should not be underestimated – they’ve been shown to save money and cut hiring time significantly. Adding hashtags for company events and incentivising sharing content on social media platforms, if carefully utilised, can really help get the word out while showcasing the best of your company culture.

Build on feedback and keep things consistent

If you’ve just started building an employer brand, chances are you’re starting from scratch. The best thing about this is that everyone does, and learning from mistakes and gaining feedback by analysing you social engagement can really help you build your brand into something significant. The most important element of a strong employer brand is consistency, so its’ well worth spending some time reflecting on who you want to target and what the core values of your company are going to be before putting out content related to this.

Utilise services that do the job for you (ahem, like LEAP!)

We’re not much for tooting our own horn, but we pride ourselves for understanding candidate experience is a central aspect of the hiring process. When you sign up for an account on LEAP, you get a free employer page, allowing you to highlight the very best aspects of your company culture and focus on employer branding, drawing in the very best candidates in the process. For a little extra money, we can help with taking company videos and photography – in one survey conducted by LinkedIn, 48% of respondents said hearing from other employees helped them understand the company culture better. Check out a video we did for Black Tap right here!



At LEAP, we all share one core value: Everyone has the right to succeed in life. Our goal? To open new doors and pave fresh paths forward for those seeking professional development, personal life skills, and self-growth opportunities. Our vast collection of expert advice, educational materials, and how-to articles is always free to everyone—no strings attached, no small print. By offering an innovative way for our visitors learn, grow, get hired, and develop critically important life skills, we’re educating them on their terms, not ours. They can grow their subject matter expertise, at their own pace, without spending tons of money on mediocre online courses. When our users succeed, we succeed. If they don’t, we fail. That’s why it’s so important to us to help build their personal roadmap to success and prepare them to conquer the world!

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