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As we all cheered, hugged and celebrated the start of a year we would make “the best year ever” none of us could have predicted we would be battling with a totally new world driven by a global virus and complete lockdown, BLM, Killer Hornets, forest fires, etc.

Here’s a list of five simple things you can do to keep you positive  (well until the aliens take over next month)! 

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1. Go for a walk 

Pop on some inspirational music that gets you thinking or walking just you and the open road (don’t turn into Forest Gump and go on a three-week walk as you have work in the morning) but walk about smile and just clear your head, look at the sky, appreciate nature and just have some time to chill alone. 

2. Focus on now but have a long term goal  

Focusing solely on the now and what needs to be done can be exhausting and hard to keep yourself motivated. Grab a piece of paper and write down where you want to be in a year and how you are going to achieve that. Break it down into the various areas of your life 

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  • Career 
  • Health and Wellness 
  • Happiness ( what really makes you happy?!) 
  • Money 

Start from where you want to be and work backward. Pick each area and say in 12 months this is where I want to be. Break it down into what needs to be done monthly, weekly and daily and start making little changes as over the course of the year doing something consistently will achieve huge results. 

Don’t go crazy and make 10X goals as ultimately you won’t hit them and be disappointed you “failed”. Make goals that require hard work and persistence and stretch and really test you but are achievable. 

3. Listen, read, and follow people that inspire you 

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Whether you like to listen to Audiobooks, podcasts or read books and articles find people who inspire you

Find someone who inspires you in each of the below areas and whether on your walk or even the 5 minute toilet break you have away from your screaming family 

Follow people that inspire you and help you achieve your long term goal in the areas mentioned in point 2 

4. Meditate 

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Giving your mind and body a 10 minute recharge can often lift your positivity and energy. Whether you want to use one of the many mobile apps available or just want to sit in silence meditating has proven health and wellness benefits. 

Don’t give up. 

It can take a while to really get to grips with meditating and when your mind ultimately wanders in the wrong direction and starts thinking “oh I must remember to email George” remember not to put pressure on yourself like anything in life you get better every time. 

So relax get back into it , keep going and write down every day how you felt before and after. 

5. Remember 10 things you are grateful for

Start and end the day writing down 10 things you are grateful for. 

It’s a tough world and we often see the “Perfect lives” on social media and it makes us want the unachievable. 

Focus on what makes you happy and that you are proud of. We all have our battles and you beat yours before so keep on battling. 

Writing ten things down in the morning whether it be as simple as – I am a nice person and I really care about people to I really have a wonderful family even down to “You know what I have a great butt” 

We all have things we are proud of so focus on what makes you great and YOU!



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