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When you’re working on a project that involves a lot of people, it can be tricky keeping track of everyone’s individual progress and mood. If your team members fall into burnout, it can be really difficult regaining momentum and boost overall morale.  

This is why it’s important to take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the first place. Ensuring this doesn’t happen is actually simpler than it may seem – here are a few of our top tips: 

1. Have targets to keep everyone in check 

The exhaustion that comes with working endlessly can result in feeling maxed out fairly quickly. One way to circumvent this problem is to create mini-goals or targets that all members of the team can feel like they’re working towards. This sense of accomplishment as well as being able to check-point their progress on bigger projects will go a long way in ensuring no one feels overly fatigued.  

2. Ensure everyone’s clear on what they need to be doing 

Maintaining an open and communicative atmosphere within your team is vital to ensure everyone feels comfortable to work at their best ability. Making sure your expectations are clear, whether that’s through the setting of core values or by having individual meetings with team members, will allow your team to avoid running into any roadblocks. 

3. Invest in proper resources 

No matter how talented your team, there’s only so much they can do between them. Before undertaking a larger project make sure to analyse how much resources are going to be necessary for people to get their work done efficiently – if the work requires ten people and you have a team of five, you’ll be pushing everyone’s limits as well as compromising on the quality of your output. Think about what kinds of technology or outward sourcing may be necessary, and allocate resources accordingly. 

4. Celebrate achievements and individual growth 

 One of the main issues with working on longer, extended projects is that there’s a tendency to tire out halfway through, and working past this stage is what results in burning out. Another way to ensure you’re keeping morale up is to reward and incentivize progress. Research indicates millennial employees are actually far more intrinsically motivated by meaningful work than they are by a pay-check, so proper encouragement and acknowledgement of growth can go a long way in boosting overall energy in your team.  

5. Make sure no one’s pushing their limits 

Stressful projects can get to the best of us, and the more motivated or ambitious your employees are, the more likely it is that they’ll push themselves to get work done. Make sure your team members are getting ample time to recoup from their stress and implement healthier work habits within the office. Investing in the wellness of your team will feedback directly to your company because healthy employees are productive ones.  



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