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By Matthew Golding – People Partners

As the world shift towards greater flexibility in the workforce it’s no coincidence that Freelancing has coined the term “The Future of Work”. In greater frequency, ambitious individuals are refusing to settle for the status-quo. Thanks to digital innovation it has never been easier to build your own brand, gain access to opportunities across the global, and monetize your skillsets. The modern-day freelancer has access to all the resources needed to successfully build, and scale, their career as they see fit…the Future of Work is here.

For those of you frustrated, or stagnated, in your current full-time job then ditching the 9-5 for the freedom and independency of freelancing may be the career path for you. If this resonates with you then have a look at the list of top 5 benefits of freelancing below:


How to start freelancing when you have a full-time job

Flexibility is a key driving force towards people choosing Freelancing as their career. It comes with immense freedom to work anytime of your choosing, from anywhere in the world as long as the job is done well and on time. Building your work schedule around where and when you are most productive provides the perfect platform to deliver on the tasks at hand

Reaping Rewards on the Global Stage

As a freelancer you gain access to clients on the global stage.  The ability, and freedom, to stretch beyond geographical boundaries quite literally opens up a whole new world of opportunities for freelancers, where they can work on what rewards their skills best.

Multi-Project Exposure

The exposure freelancers have through working across a variety of projects, often simultaneously, provides greater growth opportunities when compared to a standard full-time job.  Having to deal with a different people across a multitude of situations creates an exciting environment in which to nurture your skillset and broaden your horizons.

Control Your Workload

A significant benefit of freelancing is the ability to manage your workload as you see fit. You have the freedom to work as much or as little as you want, across projects of your choice. Freelancing provides the platform to create a new sense of meaning in your career through focusing on work that you love.

Independence – Being the boss

As a freelancer you have all the control, gone are the days of being micromanaged. Independency is a big part of being a freelancer, and one of the main benefits. You answer to your clients and yourself, with the freedom to make you own decisions in getting the work done.


As Head of Freelancing at People Partners, Matthew leads the fastest growing community of freelancers in the UAE. He is passionate about supporting those wishing to take control of their careers. Matthew receives great satisfaction from sharing his expertise and perspective on non-traditional employment, and strives to facilitate the success of individuals who take an unorthodox, innovative approach to work.

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