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Internships are a great way to gain experience in a field you’re curious about, bulk up your CV, and build networks in industries that you want to be working within in the future.

Sound good?

We think so too. But how do you go about applying for your very first internship, especially when all you have is enthusiasm and passion (the two characteristics everyone defines themselves by), when the job requirements lists things like experience, recommendations, and unicorn hair (We’re joking about one of those …)?

Here are our top tips for landing your first ever internship:

1. Perfect that CV

Your resume is a one page document that lists your academic achievements, extra-curricular activities, and any pertinent work experience you may have in relation to the position you’re applying for.

A good CV is well formatted, succinct, and shows employers what sets you apart from the rest of the candidates who are applying for the same role – or at least, shows them what makes you worth speaking to.

If you’re in a creative industry, don’t be shy to inject some of your own personality into your resume to give yourself that extra edge: tailoring your resume a little bit each time you apply for a position will really help give you a competitive push over other applicants.

2. Send speculative emails

Sometimes, the company or industry you want is may not be advertising for positions or vacancies, but may be open to providing opportunities to people who are passionate and willing to learn. Ask, as they say, and you shall receive, so there’s nothing wrong in writing emails to companies you want to learn from inquiring about any possible opportunities. 

3. Go through job websites tailored for you

‘The Classifieds’ are no longer the place to seek if you want up to date information on who needs interns. Websites like LEAP (cheeky, we know!) are aimed at millennials who are looking to enter the job market and gain some experience. Beyond that, employers are advertising for jobs in new ways all the time, so make sure to follow people in your industry on social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn to have up to date information on where to send in your applications.

4. Attend Job Fairs and Conferences

Ah, networking – sounds so simple, yet it can be such a challenge to do well. Attending job fairs and conferences within your industry are a great way to build contacts and link up with people who are looking for similar opportunities as yourself, which will help you in turn when it comes to refining your search. Universities and schools often through job fairs through which you can find volunteering opportunities or on campus jobs, both of which help you build your CV and help you show off what you’re passionate about to prospective employees.



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