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The concept of content marketing as a useful tool to boost employer branding is relatively recent one, and so it’s understandable a lot of companies still struggle to understand how to maximise its’ potential. Great employer branding content comes down to three key factors: it has to engage prospective employees, customers, and clients; it has to be reflective of your company mission; and it has to be unique to the massive quantities of similar content that exist because of the vastness of the internet. Seems like a big brief, but the truth is writing employer brand content doesn’t have to be tricky. Here are our top tips for writing quality content:

1. Strategize and don’t stray too off-topic

A lot of great brand content is about remembering just that: you’re representing a brand, and not just looking to push any kind of good writing. Staying focused to the vision of the company and curating your content accordingly therefore becomes an essential element of ensuring you’re in control of your message. Creating an editorial calendar that corresponds closely with your business objectives is one way to achieve this. It also helps to know who you’re targeting, or who your main focus is: for instance, if you’re looking to hire more candidates you may want to produce employee experience related material.

2. Give a real voice to your corporate mission

Prospective employees and customers both respond to human voices, and are put off by anonymity or stuffy language. Staying too formal will risk you sounding like a textbook, and what you want your content to do instead is be an accurate reflection of your company culture. Social media opens up a whole new world of opportunities to ‘humanize’ your brand effectively. Fostering a connection between your brand and your audience, rather than attempting to sell a product, works far better as a business strategy.

A great example of this is beauty company Glossier, which uses its’ YouTube page to share videos of how everyone from their CEO to a website editor uses their products in their daily routine. Since these routines usually consist of a variety of products, the videos never comes across as sponsored or overtly branded: instead, it’s the people who work with the company fostering a sense of trust between prospective customers.

3. Study and adapt to content effectiveness

One of the most important things to keep in mind about content is that it doesn’t always pan out the way you expect. Strategies you’ve planned for months and release get a few likes or views, while spur of the moment posts on company processes may get ten times that.

There are a few ways to measure how effective the content you’re posting is:

  • Short-term metrics are measured through your click-through rates, on channels like your social media pages or company-wide communication.
  • Long-term metrics can be measured with the help of online tools such as Google Analytics or Google trends, which can include information like how long someone engages with a particular kind of content(otherwise known as your retention rate), and is helpful when studied over a longer period of time.
  • Qualitative metrics can include focus groups, surveys, or recruiter feedback, all of which helps get a more immediate and specific sense of what is working for your brand and what is less successful.

Keeping these kinds of data in mind can help when you’re formulating your plan for the next editorial calendar, and also give you a clearer idea of how to utilise your resources.

For instance, if your social media outperforms your blog consistently, you could try to redirect traffic by promoting blog content on your social pages, or you could decide to allocate more time to boosting your existing traffic.



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